The Nobu Madanbashi Institute and Mother Nurse LLC are aware of the importance of personal information, and to ensure that it is thoroughly protected, we will abide by the personal information protection guidelines established in the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” and other laws and ordinances. We also publish this Privacy Policy in an effort to guard personal information, and we hereby establish the handling of personal information as follows.

□Use of Personal Information
The personal information we obtain is used to send e-mail and materials related to communication from our website, information about our operations, and answers to questions. In addition, we make sure to quickly destroy or delete any saved personal information that is no longer needed.

□Personal Information Safety Measure
The personal information we obtain is kept in an accurate and up-to-date state, and we have taken the necessary steps to implement safety measures and manage them strictly, including maintaining a security system and having a management mechanism in place to prevent the unauthorized access, loss, destruction, modification, or leakage thereof. Information undergoes SSL (128bit) encryption before being sent.

□Prohibition of Disclosure/Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
With the exception of situations that fall under any of the following, the personal information we have obtained will not be disclosed to third parties.

  • • When we have the customer’s permission
  • • When disclosing it to contractors in order to answer inquiries and provide desired services
  • • When disclosure is required by laws and regulations

□Inquiries from the Person in Question
When the customer him/herself wishes to reference/edit/delete personal information, we will accommodate their request upon confirmation of the customer’s identity.

□Reviewing Compliance with Laws and Standards
In addition to complying with Japanese laws and other standards that apply to the personal information we have obtained, we will work to perform appropriate reviews of the details of this policy and improve it.

□Recommended Browsers, CSS, and JavaScript
We recommend that you use Windows Internet Explorer 8 or higher or Apple Safari 4.0 or higher to view this site. Browsing with a version lower than the recommended version or using certain browser settings may cause the site to not display or operate correctly. In addition, this site uses CSS (style sheets) and JavaScript. If your browser disables CSS or JavaScript functions, the site may not display or operate correctly. Please enable CSS and JavaScript in your browser settings when viewing the site.

□Use of Google Analytics
This site uses Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a service provided by Google, Inc. that analyzes the site’s usage patterns. Google Analytics uses “cookies,” which are text files installed on the customer’s computer that analyze how the customer uses the website. The information related to website usage that is generated by these cookies (including IP addresses) is forwarded to and stored on Google, Inc.’s servers in the U.S.A. Google, Inc. uses this information to evaluate the website’s usage patterns, accumulate browsing status information for the website administrator, and provide other services based on the website browsing status and usage patterns. Google, Inc. may disclose this information to third parties if compelled to do so by laws and regulations or when another entity processes the information on Google, Inc.’s behalf. Google, Inc. does not link the customer’s IP address to any other data possessed by Google, Inc. Cookies can be refused by selecting the appropriate setting in one’s browser, but be aware that disabling cookies may prevent you from using all of the functions of this website. By using this website, the customer consents to Google, Inc. processing the customer’s data via the above methods and for the above purposes. Note that installing plug-ins can prevent cookies and the collection of IP addresses. 。

Okinawa Nightingale Project Office
(Managed by: MotherNurse.LLC)
1-12 Shuri Samukawacho, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture 903-0826
Tel: +81-98-884-7454

Site map
History of Mother Nurse
  • ・“30th Florence Nightingale Medal Recipient Nomination” (Japanese Red Cross Society, Okinawa Prefecture branch)
  • ・“Hyakunen no Ayumi” (Japanese Red Cross Society, Okinawa Prefecture branch)
  • ・“Kango no Kagirinai Kanosei o Motomete: Soritsu Goju-shunen Kinenshi” (Okinawa Nursing Association)
  • ・“Sanju-shunen Kinenshi” (Japanese Nursing Association, Nurse Subcommittee, Okinawa Prefecture branch)
  • ・“Hakuai no Michi: Eien naru Ayumi” (Japanese Red Cross Society Nurses Association)
  • ・“Kindai Okinawa Joseishi – Jidai o Irodotta Onnatachi” (Edited by Ryukyu Shimpo)
    “Nightingale no Tsubasa” (Written by Sachiko Nakazato)
  • ・“Senko no Naka de – Okinawa Rikugun Byoin no Shogen” (Niraisha)
    “Sagantaii o Shinobu” (Written by Nobu Madanbashi of the Secondary Surgical Unit)
The Nursing Island
  • ・“Okinawa-kenshi Kakuron-hen 6 – Okinawasen (Okinawa Prefectural Board of Education)
  • ・“Okinawa no Senso Iseki” (Okinawa Peace Memorial Museum)
  • ・“Himeyuri Heiwa Kinen Shiryokan Guidebook” (Okinawa Peace Memorial Museum Materials Committee)
  • ・“Shashin Kiroku – Okinawasen” (Kobunsha: Written and edited by Masahide Ota)
  • ・“Okinawasen 546hi o Aruku” (Sairyusha: Written by Kaberunaria Yoshida)
  • ・“Florence Nightingale Kango Oboegaki – Taiyaku”
  • ・“Kango no Chikara” (Iwanami Bookstore: Written by Midori Kawashima)
  • ・“Nightingale Den – Zusetsu Kango Oboesho Totomo ni” (Igaku-Shoin: Written by Tamotsu Ibaraki)